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Introducing... I help  Tired Career Women De-Stress,
So They Can Shine
My wife Tracy operates Shine Career Coaching. Check out her services on this page and by clicking on the link.
She has two 3-step Programs that help Career Women called:

"Stress Less, Shine More", and
"Bust Up Burn-Out."

Book a FREE Discovery Session to find out which Program is for you by contacting Tracy at 780.278.3994.
Burn-Out / Super Stressed Test:
  • Are you sick and tired of working so hard?
  • Do you have trouble saying no to more work, even when you are exhausted?
  • Do you reassure everyone else that you are fine if they express concern?
  • Do you feel tired even after a full night's sleep?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel unfulfilled?
  • Do you wonder if it is ever going to be enough?
  • Do you fear being still?
  • Do you use work to give you a sense of purpose?
  • Do you long for a way to feel inspired?
  • Do you feel alone?

"I have been counselled by Tracy Rosborough for the last 8 years in different modalities and each time, her intuitiveness, ability to listen and skill in facilitating my personal growth and awareness have given me clarity, relief and an overall senses of well-being. I will continue to consult with her when life sends me another lesson to learn and navigate through. Tracy has always set me at ease, is discreet and a true professional. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in any area of their life."
- Paige

"I worked with Tracy on several issues that have arisen as I am going through significant changes in my life. Working with Tracy provided me with clarity, allowing me to process the changes in my life with positivity and self-compassion. Tracy is calm, supportive and focused and helped me to find and clear the source of my difficulty processing change. Thank you Tracy!"
- Rebecca
January 2017 at Namaste Wellness:

EFT Circle, for the Coaching Program "Stress Less, Shine More":

Last Tuesday of every month, 7 to 8 p.m., at Namaste Spa & Wellness, $35 each or with a 6 month subscription including 2 additional one on one coaching sessions with Tracy $162/month (Value $440/mo).

Dates: February 28, 2017, March 28, 2017, April 25, 2017, May 30, 2017, June 27, 2017.

Upcoming March 2017 at South Edmonton:

Starting February, Coaching Circle for the Coaching Program "Stress Less, Shine More":

First Wednesday of every month, 7 to 8 p.m., at Tracy's Residence (southside), $20 each or with a 5 month subscription including 2 additional one on one coaching sessions with Tracy $180/month (Value $400/mo).

Dates: March 1/2017, April 5/2017, May 3/2017, June 7/2017.


Bust Up Burn-Out Program:

If you went through the Checklist in the centre column above, and said "Yes" to several of them, you may already have Burn-Out. In this case, ongoing stress relief is a must. However, you require a little more Undoing than the average working lady. I recommend this Program. We approach your circumstances with less goal oriented tapping. Our goal, per se, is to help you feel more centred, balanced and well. Then you may be interested in setting a goal from this new more balanced perspective.

Loving what you do creates the capacity for you to SHINE. You have been pushing yourself for longer than you can remember. Trust me, I have been there. For this Program's dates, please check the Web of ShineCoaching.CA




One on one coaching please complete the Discovery Form by clicking this link:

If your current work leaves you feeling uninspired, and you wanna just "PHONE IT IN," join this Call on a monthly basis to ease your stress, and receive insight, motivation and inspiration. One hour of coaching Facilitated By Tracy Rosborough, where you choose to Relieve Stress, Create Clear Goals, and Release Resistance. Unmute to participate in a topic for tapping, tap along, and Borrow Benefits from others on the Call. Partake from the comfort of your own home. Membership is $40 per month for 3 months ($120 CA Total). Don't miss out. Kindly complete the Coaching Application and Coaching Agreement below, and I will provide instructions for Payment and how to connect to the Conference Call as soon as I can. Thanks!
Team Up - $100 per person per hour when you team up.
Group of 4 friends or co-workers. Mirror, Borrow Benefits, Take Strides.
One At A Time $200/ hour
Take a tour of what coaching with me would look like by purchasing a single session to focus on a topic of your choice and Relieve Stress. 
One FREE full hour Coaching Session When You Purchase 3 (Saving $200)
The best way to take strides is to clear the path to your destination of your roadblocks. These may be beliefs from childhood, memories that turned you off of certain actions, and emotions like fear or guilt. I can help you release and get free of this weight dragging you down and binding your action with a series of 4sessions.


THE 3 Step Program:

Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress by focusing on an emotionally charged topic and gauging the level of stress. Then Tracy will guide you through tapping on meridian endpoints of the body. These meridian endpoints are derived from Chinese medicine. Tapping on these points brings about relaxation about the focus topic and provides clear perspective.

Create Clear Goals

As you are guided through this process, often the stress completely melts away and Action Steps & Goals become super clear. Watch and follow along with a short demo of a technique for stress relief HERE

Release Resistance

At each step of the way towards reaching your Goals, you may seek Coaching with Tracy to facilitate the Release of Resistance for action.

What Do You Mean By Resistance?

Resistance Can Show Up as, among other things:
  • Fear
  • Sabotage of goals
  • Overwhelm
  • Stuckness
  • Missed Appointments
  • Lateness
  • Insomnia
  • Procrastination
  • Over-Preparing
  • Under-Preparing
  • Worry
  • Rebellion
If you have experienced these symptoms of Resistance and you can find relief through Tracy's coaching service.


Tracy was inspired towards her specialty of Enhancing Lifestyle Balance For Career Clients after hitting a wall in 2005. She had been working 3 jobs, 7 days a week for several months. It came to the point where the day ahead of her was overwhelming and at the end of it, she felt unfulfilled. She was a legal assistant, massage therapist and vitamin and skin consultant at the time. Her holistic interests encouraged her to use Ancient Wisdom and Apply it to Modern Stress. After several years learning and using holistic methods for herself and her clients, she now coaches to help her clients:

Relieve Stress

Create Clear Goals

Release Resistance.

Join her for workshops, coaching and yoga teaching.
Tracy is a Yes Code (TM) Coach (Certified by EFT Master Carol Look), a PER-K (TM) Facilitator, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.
Tracy is neither a consultant, nor a therapist. She will offer insightful information which explains sabotaging behavior. She will encourage, support and facilitate designing actions in a holistic and balanced direction. She will facilitate holistic processes which dissipate the resistance to and help remove the obstacles in the path of your choosing. She hopes to facilitate others to live abundantly as she is now able to do.

Do not wait a moment longer to increase your ability to Shine! Shedule an Appointment today.

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During the summer months, Tracy is also available to instruct Stand-Up Paddleboard lessons to individuals or small groups. Keep abreast of paddleboard events, retreats, safety tips or share your own Stand-Up Paddleboard experiences by Liking on Facebook: Crystal Clear SUP Alberta for paddleboarding community.



The Standup Paddleboards I use are the SeaEagle Brand. Here is a link to a great independent review of these Standup Paddleboards.

LongBoard 11 Deluxe     Deluxe Model

I have these Standup Paddleboards for sale if you decide after using it for the day that you must have one of your own. In fact, these Standup Paddleboards are inflatable, so they deflate and roll into a backpack so you can take it home the same day. These boards are $1000 CAD plus shipping and GST. This deluxe model package includes: 11' inflatable Standup Paddleboard, Standup Paddleboard paddle, kayak (double blade) paddle, portable removeable kayak seat, pump to inflate the Standup Paddleboard, two on-board tie-downs, and a backpack to travel with. Imagine exploring the coral reefs of Belize this winter on your own Standup Paddleboard! And, if you get tired, you can always use this board as a kayak. What a great package!

The complete model is also available for $900 CAD plus shipping and GST and includes: 11' inflatable Standup Paddleboard, Standup Paddleboard paddle, pump to inflate, two on-board tie downs, and a backpack to store or travel with.

LongBoard 11 Start Up     Complete Model

The SUP yogi at work:

Thanks for your interest!

Tracy and Steve Rosborough